How to fix error "DNS zone already exists on the target service" in WebsitePanel?

You may receive this error while creating a domain from WebsitePanel. This can happen due to the following reasons.

  • Previously you tried to add this domain, and it was turned into an error though necessary DNS entries were made on the DNS server.
  • Previously, the domain was removed, and you are trying to recreate it. In the domain removal attempt, DNS entries were not completely removed from the DNS server.

To fix this error, you will need to remove the DNS zone from the DNS server manually. Windows VPS customers can easily remove the DNS zone by following the below steps. Windows Hosting customers won't have access to the DNS server, so they need to submit the ticket from the client area.

1. The error is depicted as shown in the following image.

Error - DNS Zone Already Exists on Target Server

2. Log in to your VPS through Remote Desktop.

3. Select StartAdministrative ToolsDNS.

4. Select the Forward lookup zones by expanding the Hostname of your VPS.

Select Forward Lookup Zone from DNS Manager

5. Under Forward Lookup Zone, you will see the list of all DNS zones. Select the DNS zone which had given you an error and remove it.

6. Go back to WebsitePanel and try to create/add a domain from WebsitePanel. You should not face any problems now.

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