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This article will assist you to renew your domain from DirectI Domain Control Panel. Please note that DirectI is one of the channel registrars of AccuWebHosting. You can perform the following steps to renew a domain at DirectI.


  1. Login to DirectI Domain Control Panel.

    Login to DirectI Domain Control Panel

  2. At control panel home page, in upper right-hand side corner, click on your user name. Click on My Account Link.

    Click On My Account

  3. Under Manage Orders Menu, click on List/Search Orders link.

    Click on List Search Orders

  4. Click on the domain name you wish to renew. This will open domain management page.

    Click On Your Domain Name

  5. From the upper right corner, click on Renew button.

    Renew Domain Name

  6. Choose the number of years for renewal and click on Renew Domain Name button.

    Select No. of Year to Renew a Domain

  7. Now, start the process to make the payment

    • You can either add fund to your account OR
    • You can make the payment through your Credit Card/Debit Card

    Select Payment Option and Complete the Renew Process

  8. If you have enough credit balance in your account, you can simply apply your credit balance to renew your domain. Otherwise, you will be redirected to the and you will have to provide your CC details to make the payment.

NOTE: These steps are valid for those domains which are registered from URL


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