How can I transfer my domain from AccuWebHosting to another company?

This article will show you how to transfer your domain from the AccuwebHosting to another registrar in 4 simple steps.


Step - 1 Get the EPP code from your client area

You will need an EPP code to transfer your domain to the new registrar. You can obtain it from your client area. Check out this article for how to obtain EPP code from your AccuWebHosting client area.


Step - 2 Request transfer at your new registrar

Login to your new registrar and search for the domain transfer option there. It should be there on the dashboard or the client area of your new registrar.

Once you find it enter the details such as the domain you want to transfer and the EPP code which you received from the AccuWebHosting.


Step - 3 verification of transfer

Once you provide the details asked in step - 2, You will receive an email to verify that you have initiated the transfer process of your domain from the AccuWebHosting.

You just need to find the verification link in that email and completed the verification process by clicking on the link.


Step - 4. Make the payment for the domain transfer

Most of the registrars will charge you for the domain transfer. Once you make the payment it may take a few days to transfer the domain to your new registrar.


Note: You won’t be able to transfer your domain again for 60 days once the transfer process is completed.

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