Command to Check current nameservers of the domain?- host -t NS (command line) - OR -- dig NS +short (command line)

     - (web based) - OR -     -

Check propogation - (web-based)

- dig NS +short (command line)

NS Problem Checking Steps

1. Problem with nameservers pointing or domain not resolving the IPVerify that the nameservers are pointing to AccuWeb Shared, VPS or Dedicated servers- If the is pointing to AccuWeb VPS or Dedicated servers, make sure that there is an A record of ns1 and ns2 in the DNS zone.- If the is cloudflare nameservers, client will have to check their cloudflare account to fix the problem. (Note: We can ask for Cloudflare login to check and fix the issue)- if the has third-party nameservers, the client will have to look at the DNS zone they are using

2. Problems with nameserver registration: Verify if the domain is registered with AccuWeb. We can register and change the nameservers from our side. If the domain is not registered with AccuWeb, we can get the login details of their domain control panel and correct the nameservers. If the client doesn't have access to the domain control panel, we can register the domain through DNS.

3. Problem with already working nameservers stopped- Check the domain expiry- Domain may be suspended due to any change in contact information not verified- If the domain has nameservers of some other domain, the other domain may be expired. Check the expiry of that other domain.- If the domain has nameservers of some other domain, the other domain may have changed its IPYou can check the domain status from below

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