Dos and Don'ts for Windows VPS Print

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Dos and Don'ts for Windows Premium VPS, Classic VPS, Economy VPS, and Windows Private Cloud VPS

  1. Allow remote desktop connection before enabling any third-party firewall or anti-virus application.
  2. Do not delete or modify the Accuwebhosting_tech/Tech_support user, as it is our critical support account; if you delete it, please mention the necessary login details while submitting a ticket.
  3. We don't recommend any customizing on our multi-location VPS. For example, changing the RDP port will make the server inaccessible. In that case, we will not be able to make it accessible again. So, the VPS will need to be rebuilt from scratch, and you will lose the data. 
  4. Do not modify the Firewall settings if you are not familiar with them.
  5. Do not disable or modify network card settings.
  6. We don’t recommend any third-party application which can modify or disable VPS network card settings.
  7. Do not disable or uninstall the Virtual Machine Config service [VMCONFIG]; otherwise, you will not be able to manage your VPS using the VPS management portal.
  8. We strongly recommend updating your VPS by installing Microsoft Windows updates regularly.
  9. Do not modify Remote Desktop Services stats.
  10. For the customers having Full OS [with SolidCP, SmarterMail, MailEnable, MSSQL, MySQL, IIS, DNS, FTP, etc.] –  

    • Do not delete or modify the below-mentioned system users:

      • SCPServer
      • support
      • SCPEnterpriseServer

    • Do not uninstall the MSSQL Server from your VPS; otherwise, your SolidCP will not function.
    • Do not modify or delete the SolidCP database and SolidCP users from the MSSQL Server.
    • Do not modify/ stop the below-mentioned services: 

      • MySQL
      • MSSQL
      • SmarterMail/ MailEnable
      • SolidCP Virtual Machine Configuration Service

    • Do not modify basic settings from IIS if you are not familiar with them.
    • Do not modify or delete System Databases, i.e., master, model, MSDB, TempDB, etc.
    • Do not delete or modify phpMyAdmin, SmarterMail, MailEnable, or SolidCP websites from IIS if you are not familiar with them.
    • If you reset SmarterMail admin, SQL server 'sa,' and MySQL 'root' users' passwords, then make sure that you update the passwords in SolidCP configurations as well; otherwise, you cannot manage them from SolidCP.
    • Do not modify the settings from SolidCP -> Configurations -> My Server if you are not familiar with the basic settings of SolidCP.

Note for the customers who have purchased Unmanaged VPS Services.
Any recurring request to reconfigure the above services will cost $30 per hour.


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