How to deploy WebMatrix Beta web application project using Web Deploy method?

This article is about WebMatrix Beta Web Application Project deployment using Web Deploy.

  1. Open the Web Application in Microsoft WebMatrix Beta.

  2. From the Home tab, click on Publish and select Configure… option.

  3. Specify the values in the Publish Settings dialog box as described in the screenshot:

    Web Deploy Settings in Publish Profile


    • Select Web Deploy option from the drop down menu of Protocol.

    • Enter the Server name provided by your Hosting Company.
      For example,

    • Enter Username and Password provided by your Hosting Provider for your account.

    • Enter the domain name of the website where, you want to deploy your web application.
      For example, is the domain name here...

    • Enter the URL that people will use to browse your website.
      For example,<Applicationname>

    • Click on Validate Connection button to check whether you have provided correct values.

    • If it will be connected successfully then click on Publish.

    • The list of all files present under your project will be displayed. If you want to remove any file or database then uncheck it.

    • Click on Continue.

    • At the footer the URL of your website will be displayed. Click on that URL to visit your website on browser.

The value of "Service URL" for Windows Shared Hosting plans are as below.

2008 clients is - 

Windows 2012 clients is -

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