How to install an extension in MediaWiki?

You can add your extention in your MediaWiki installation using following steps:

1. Download and install ExtensionFunctions.php

ExtensionFunctions.php is a helper file. Some newer extentions require this file. This file allows extensions to be modularized away from the MediaWiki core code. You can download this file from and once you download, copy the ExtensionFunctions.php file to $IP/extensions/ sub-directory of your MediaWiki installation.

2. Download your extension

A list of extensions documented on is available on the Matrix and a list of extensions stored in the Wikimedia is available on

3. Install your extension

You can install extention by simply adding a line in the LocalSettings.php file in the following manner:


Note: Replace NewExtensionName.php with your new extention file name.

You may refer Readme file if it requires any special steps to take care before the installation.

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