How will You See all Running MySQL Processes On cPanel Server?

There are different ways for checking the mysql process list from a cPanel server. It is necessary to check the mysql process list to check the currently running queries and find slow queries that slow down the website loading speed.

Check all running MySQL processes via SSH:

Step1: Login to your cPanel server via SSH.

Step2:Enter into mysql from the command line using the command,


After that, use the command,

show processlist;

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Using WHM to Show MySQL Processes

Step1: Login to the WHM
Step2: Go to the SQL Services Section.(Home /SQL Services /Show MySQL® Processes)
Step3: Click Show MySQL processes.

You will see a table showing the existing processes for your server. These items are detailed below:

 ID:         This is the identification number of the running process
 User:    User running the process in the database
 DB:       Database being used with the process
 Command:    Command is currently being executed in the process
 Time:    Time is taken by the process
 State:    State of the process
 Info:    Information about the process

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