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If you are running IIS as a webserver, you require an IIS auditing feature to audit the changes made to IIS. It generates logs inside the event viewer whenever there is a change in the IIS configuration. In addition, it displays information such as who made the changes, which configuration was changed, and current value.

Why does it require to enable it on your server?

You may require to monitor changes made to your IIS web server. For example, suppose there are any changes in your settings, and that affected the live website; in that case, you have to look for the changes made to your IIS configuration. Also, you would like to know who made the same changes. IIS auditing feature helps you to audit or monitor to get such information made to your configuration.

How to enable IIS operation logs in IIS?

You will get the IIS configuration Auditing feature available from IIS versions 7.5 and above. Please refer to the following steps to enable the configuration auditing feature.

  1. Login to your server and click on the start button >> Administrative tools.

  2. Click on the Event Viewer.

  3. Expand the Application and Service Logs.

  4. Expand Microsoft and Windows.

  5. Expand IIS-Configuration and you will show two options. Administrative and Operational. Right-click on Operational and choose Enable Log.

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