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It is essential to have an MX record for your domain to run the email service and receive emails. Without an MX record, you can't receive emails to your email service. In this tutorial, we will add the MX record in DNS. Please refer to the following steps to add an MX record in DNS for the windows server. 

  1. Login to your windows server. Please refer to how to log in to your windows server. 

  2. Click on the Start >> Windows Administrative Tools. 

  3. Inside the administrative tools option, click on the DNS.

  4. Double click on the domain name for which you want to set the MX record. 

  5. Right-click on the blank space and click on the Other New Record button.

  6. At the Resource Record Type dialogue box, click on the Mail Exchanger (MX) >> Create Record.

  7. It will open New Resource Record dialogue box. Inside Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of mail server, enter your mail server name. Enter the mail server priority and click on the OK button. 

  8. Finally, click on the Done

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