How to move a website to the dedicated IP Address in DirectAdmin? Print

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Please refer to the following steps to move the website or your domain name to the dedicated IP Address.

How to add an Additional IP Address to the DirectAdmin panel?

  1. Log in to your DirectAdmin panel using admin login. 

  2. Inside server manager, click on IP Management. 

  3. Click on add IP and enter your IP address. 

  4. Create your reseller account. Please refer to how to create a reseller account in DirectAdmin?

How to assign a new IP Address to your Reseller package?

  1. Once the IP address is added, click on the assign button.

  2. Select your reseller account from the drop-down package and click on the assign button. 

  3. Now, login to your reseller account and verify that your IP address is added to your reseller. For that, you can click on Server Manager > IP Management.

  4. Once you verify that IP Address is there, click on the List Users button. Find the user where your domain is added. 

  5. Click on the user check box and click on the Change IP button. 

  6. Select the IP address from the drop-down and click on the Change button. 

  7. A new IP address will reflect on your user list.

    → Looking to install SSL Certificate in DirectAdmin? Please refer to install SSL  for more details.

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