How to create a user account in DirectAdmin? Print

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Please refer to the following article on creating a user account in DirectAdmin.

  1. Log in to your DirectAdmin Panel using IPAddress:2222

  2. At the Access Level, select the Reseller. You can refer to our article on how to create a reseller on DirectAdmin.

  3. At Account Manager, click on the Add new User. 

  4. At the create a user page, add all the details. 

  • Username :  Username of account. 

  • Email : Email address of user account.
  • Password : Password for the user account.
  • Domain : Domain name for which you want to set the user. 

  • User Package : Package you want to provide to the same user. 

  • IP Address : IP Address you want to set with the same user. 

  1. Click on the submit button and you have created a new user.

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