How to add db_owner role to newly created users?

From Plesk version 12, MSSSQL users created from the Plesk panel will not have the db_owner permission due to some security reasons. Please refer to the following steps to provide db_owner permission to the database user. 

  1. Log in to your server via RDP. Please refer to how to connect my server?

  2. Open the Run and enter the %plesk_dir%admin\conf\ and click on the OK button. 

  3. Open the panel.ini file and add the below lines. If the panel.ini doesn't exist, please rename panel.ini.sample to panel.ini.

    features.roles.mssql.readWrite =
  4. Finally, run the below command to apply the changes in the MSSQL database.

    "%plesk_cli%\repair.exe" --update-mssql-users-permissions

How to assign db_owner permission via Microsoft SQL Management Studio.

  1. Open SQL Management studio.

  2. Go to the security and logins.

  3. Right-click on your database and click on the properties.

  4. Inside the properties, go to the user mapping.

  5. Go to the DB user and check the db_owner and public field.

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