How to Shrink Transaction Logs of Database in MS SQL?

This article will assist you to shrink/truncate the transaction logs of the database in MS SQL Server.

1. Connect to MS SQL Server through MS SQL Management Studio.

MS SQL Server Management Studio

2. In MS SQL Management Studio, click on the new query as shown below.

New Query

3. In the query window, type the following command and execute it.

Query Result

USE testdb // Replace your database name with 'testdb'.

DBCC SHRINKFILE (testdb_log, 1); // Replace your database log file name with 'testdb_log' and your desired target size with '1'.

It will shrink the log file to 1 MB. Once you execute the command, you can see the execution results in the Messages tab, as shown in the above screen capture.

Note: target_size is the size of the file in megabytes. If you do not specify this value, DBCC SHRINKFILE reduces the size to the default file size. The default size is the size specified when the file was created.

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