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Before you proceed to install Moodle on windows, you need Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 installed on your server. You can download it from this link. Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012. Also, you need 1 GB of memory for optimum performance.

  1. At first, download the latest stable version of Moodle. Please click on download Moodle. We suggest you download a zip file.

  2. Once you download and extract the moodle, move it to the root of your website. 

  3. Create a MySQL database and database user. Please refer to create MySQL DB from SolidCP.

  4.  Go to the file config-dist.php and update the created database name, db username and it's password. 

  5. Rename the file config-dist.php to the config.php

  6. Now create a folder and name it moodledata. Now, open the config.php file. Find the variable $CFG->dataroot and set its value to ‘C:\your root path\moodledata

  7. Find variable $CFG->wwwroot in config.php and set its value to ‘’

  8. Find variable $CFG-> dbtype and set its value to ‘mysqli’ or ‘mariadb’ as per your required database.
  9. Now, open your website in browser with URL HTTP:// and you will find the below page.

  10. select your English and click on Next. If you are facing the error like $CFG-> dataroot is not writable. You will need to provide write permission to your application for wwwroot directory.

  11. Once you fix the error, you will get the below page. Click to continue button.

  12. You will need to correct all the server checks on the below page. You must have the latest stable version of PHP or you will not get the continue button.

  13. Once you are done with all server check (Ok in green button), click on the continue button. It may take 5-10 minutes to install all the Moodle components.

  14. You will be asked for the administrator details on the next page. Enter all the below details.
  • Username: administrator (default username is admin, However, we can change it)
  • New Password: your administrator password
  • First name: First name of administrator
  • Surname: Surname of administrator
  • Email Address: Enter email address of administrator
  • Email Display: Select ‘Hide my email address from non-privileged users’
  • City: City of administrator
  • Timezone: Your timezone

  1. Now, click on the update profile button.

  2. You will see a Frontpage setting. Enter the below details.
  • Full Site Name: Enter required website name.
  • Shortname: Set your Moodle website shortname
  • Front Page Summary: Add the details ofyour institute.
  • Default timezone: Add your timezone.
  • No-reply address: Enter your mail id

  1. Click on Save changes button.

  2. You will get the below image once the moodle installation is completed.

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