How to Monitor Network Usage with nload in Linux?

You may need to monitor your network bandwidth usage daily, which nload will help you make your job easier as this tool manages network usage. It is a command-line tool to monitor bandwidth and network traffic in real-time. You can view two graphs for incoming and outgoing traffic, minimum/ maximum for network usage and transferred data.

Please refer to the following steps to use the nload network monitoring tool – 

1. First, update the Ubuntu system with this command – 

apt-get update -y

2. Next, install nload with this command – 

apt-get install nload -y

3. Run the below-mentioned command for Centos or RHEL – 

dnf install nload -y

4. You can see all the options regarding nload with this command – 

nload –help

5. You can run the nload command below to monitor your networking devices – 


6. You can view the monitoring screen for the nload command with the following shortcuts –

F2 Use to view option window
F5 Use to view current settings
F6 Use to load setting through the config file
q Run to exit from the nload console.

7. Use the command nload -m to display all the network interfaces in the same graph.

nload -m

8. By default, the refresh interval time is set to 700. However, you can use the nload -t command to change the interval time.

nload -t 200

9. You can also monitor the network traffic of a specific device using the below command. 

nload devices eth0


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