How to Install PIP in Linux?

Package Installer for Python (PIP) is a package management system written in Python that is used widely in installing and managing software packages. You can consider PIP a bundle, npm, or composer in another programming language. 

There are two ways to install PIP – 

1. Install PIP using easy_install

Easy _nstall is one of the Python modules. It allows you to download, install, build and manage the Python Module

# easy_install pip

2. Install PIP using the Python script

We can download the PIP installation script using wget or curl. Once it is downloaded, you can run any script for the required Python version, which we need to install

# curl "" -o ""

# python

# python3

Verify the Python version using the below-given command – 

# pip -V
# pip3 -V

Install Packages with PIP 

You can install packages using the PIP command, which is given below – 

# pip install package-name

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