How to Install Tomcat 7 on CentOS?

Tomcat is an open-source web server built in Java Servlet and Java Server Pages technologies. 

You can install Tomcat 7 on CentOS by following these steps – 

1. Install Tomcat with its dependencies using the Yum command -

# sudo yum install tomcat

2. Now, install additional packages with this command – 

# sudo yum install tomcat-webapps tomcat-admin-webapps tomcat-docs-webapp tomcat-javadoc

This command will install the packages given below – 

  • Tomcat root webpage (tomcat-webapps)
  • Tomcat Web Admin Manager (tomcat-admin-webapps)
  • Official online Tomcat documentation (tomcat-docs-webapp and tomcat-javadoc)

3. If your server is running with Apache, you will need to stop it.

# sudo systemctl stop httpd

4. Start Tomcat with the command below – 

# sudo systemctl start tomcat

5. Finally, start Tomcat if the server is rebooted.

# sudo systemctl enable tomcat

6. Access your server IP Address with port 8080 in the browser, and you will get the result as you see in the image below -


This is it.
We have successfully installed Tomcat 7 on CentOS.


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