Dos and Don'ts for Linux VPS

Dos and Don'ts for Linux Classic VPS, SSD VPS, and Linux Private Cloud VPS

1. Please allow SSH/ cPanel access before enabling any third-party firewall or antivirus application.

2. Do not modify firewall settings if you are not familiar with them.

3. Do not disable or modify network card settings.


4. We never recommend any third-party application which can modify or disable VPS network card settings.

5. We strongly recommend you keep your Linux VPS updated by installing Yum Updates and updating the latest Kernel version.

6. Don't modify the SSH port if you are unaware of/ sure about it. 

7. For the customer installing the cPanel, don't modify the following configuration files directly from SSH – 

Apache Configuration files.

BIND(DNS) Configuration files.

Exim Related Configuration files.

8. Do not use phpMyAdmin to create databases or database users. phpMyAdmin does not map databases, which causes backups and restores to not function.

9. Create Email Accounts and FTP Accounts directly from the cPanel.

10. If you copy or move data directly via SSH, please ensure you are setting proper permissions and ownership; otherwise, you will not be able to manage it from File Manager, and you may receive an error while accessing the website.

11. Before installing any third-party software on your server, check the compatibility with cPanel.

12. We don't recommend any customizing on our multi-location VPS.
For example, if you change the SSH port, the server will be inaccessible, and we will not be able to get it accessible again. 

That VPS will need to be rebuilt from scratch, and you will lose the Data.

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