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SHOUTcast is free popular software for streaming media over the internet. Developed by Nullsoft in 2017, it allows digital audio to be broadcasted over the internet thus powering lots of internet radio stations. With SHOUTcast Distributed Network Audio Server (DNAS) anyone can stream and broadcast audio files from their PC on the web or other IP-based networks. However, instead of broadcasting through radio waves, you broadcast through the internet. Your listeners can tune in through any supported media player, such as Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes OR RealPlayer. You can also get a free Shoutcast flash player for your website. You can open your Radio station using SHOUTcast installed on a windows workstation acting as a server and use Winamp to play the music.

System Prerequisites:

  1. Winamp Player
  2. SHOUTcast server
  3. SHOUTcast source DSP plugin for Winamp 

Install & Configure:

Install Winamp:

  1. Download Winamp Player and start the installation.

    Install Winamp

  2. Install with the Full features (all the features).

    Install Winamp

Install SHOUTcast Source DSP:

  1. Locate the installation file. Double click to begin SHOUTcast source DSP plugin install wizard.

  2. Click Next.

    DSP plugin

  3. Choose the install location and click Next.

    Choose location

  4. Select the Full Install and click Install.

    Full Install

  5. Make sure the two options are enabled and click Finish.

    Finish Install

Install/Configure The SHOUTcast Server:

  1. Download the SHOUTcast server and double-click on the installer. Click Next to proceed with the installation.

    SHOUTcast server

  2. Choose the install location and complete the installation wizard.

    install location

  3. You will see the following screen while SHOUTcastGUI installation is running on your server.


  4. Once installation finish, you will see Radio Station Details prompt. Enter your Radio Station details.

    Radio Station Details

  5. Next, run SHOUTcast server as an administrator and click on Edit Config.

    Edit Config

  6. The sc_serv_basic.conf file will open, here you can find a complete list of all of the configuration options which are provided by sc_serv_basic which ranges from logging to networking configuration and control over the media used when streaming via the server.
  7. Edit the password, adminpassword, publicserver and portbase as following: 

    1. Adminpassword: Specify the administrator password for accessing the remote server features [Default = no value].
    2. Password: Specify the password for broadcasters when connecting to the server [Default = no value].

      NOTE: You need to set a different password for Adminpassword and Password.

    3. Publicserver: This allows you to override the public flag from the connected source when a connection made to the YP directory [Default = default]. It can be one of the following values:

      [A YP directory is a listing of SHOUTcast broadcast streams.]

      1. Default - Use the flag provided by the source.
      2. Always - Force the source to be public.
      3. Never - Never allow the use of the flag provided by the source.

    4. Portbase: Specify the port which clients and sources need to use to connect to the server [Default = 8000].

  8. After you change the password, click on the Save icon.


Broadcast Your Music To The Internet:

  1. First of all, make sure that Windows Audio service is running and necessary sound drivers are installed on server otherwise, you will receive an error.

    Windows Audio service

  2. Open Winamp and put all the songs you want to broadcast to the playlist. You can also play music from Winamp Online Sources (For example FM Radio station). 

    Online Sources

  3. Click Options at the top left side menu, click Preferences. Under plugins click on DSP/Effect then select SHOUTcast source DSP v2.3.5 and click on configure active plug-in button.

    configure active plug-in

  4. A SHOUTcast tab opens, click on Output.  If the server and the source are on the same machine, you can enter localhost in the Server Address. The Port is the 8000, and the Password is the same as the one you put in the sc_serv_basic.conf file. The DJ/User ID can be left blank.

    Output options

  5. After that, click on the Directory tab and give your radio a name, URL (localhost works) and choose a Genre from the dropdown list.

    Directory tab options

  6. Click on Encoder, you can select a higher bitrate as opposed to the 48kbps. AAC quality gives you the best quality of sound. The defaults usually work well here.

    Encoder tab options

  7. You are now ready to start your radio station. Start the SHOUTcast server monitor and play music on Winamp then click on Connect on the SHOUTcast Source DSP. The monitor shows you what is playing. You can also check auto connect option to auto-reconnect if source disconnected.


  8. Your radio station is now running. You can check the status of your server from SHOUTcast server > Server Status as shown below.

    Server Status

  9. A new window will open in a browser like this.

    Stream Status

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