R1Soft: An error occurred while loading the hcpdriver module

R1soft CDP backup allows for full server backup, and you can use it to perform bare metal restoration.

If you have upgraded the Kernel version on your server, you might face the following error while running the backup.

An exception occurred during the request. The replication driver was not detected (detail: An error occurred while loading the hcpdriver module, please check your system logs; Please run “r1soft-setup –get-module ” on your Agent to install one.

Run the following command to load the hcp driver – 

lsmod | grep hcp

If it returns with no value, the hcp driver is not installed on your machine, so proceed with the following steps – 

1. You will need to verify the kernel version.

uname -r

2. Now, verify Kernel-devel and Kernel-headers packages.
    It should match the installed Kernel version.

rpm -qa | grep kernel

3. Install the matching version if it is not installed.
    Run the following command for this – 

r1soft-setup --get-module
r1soft-setup --get-module --no-binary

4. Restart the CDP agent once.

/etc/init.d/cdp-agent restart

5. Run the following command to load the hcp driver again.

lsmod | grep hcpdriver

You will see the value in return. The backup should be running fine using R1Soft now.


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