How to install MS SQL Server 2016?

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2016 is the latest version of Microsoft's relational database management system. It became available in preview releases during 2015, and became generally available on June 1st, 2016.An Express edition of SQL Server 2016 is a free yet powerful & reliable data management system capable

An Express edition of SQL Server 2016 is a free yet powerful & reliable data management system, capable to power lightweight websites and desktop applications. To check minimum requirements of SQL server 2016, you can read our knowledgebase article. The following tutorial will assist you to install MS SQL 2016 Express Edition.

  1. Download the SQL Server 2016 installer file and save it to your local computer.

    Download MS SQL Server

  2. Go to your Downloads folder and run the installer file. This will launch the SQL Server Setup Wizard.

    Run Setup File

  3. Select an installation type as Custom.

    Select Installation Type

  4. On the next step, specify media download target location only if you want to change it. Otherwise, you can skip this step and click on Install button to proceed.

    Select Target Location

    Downloading Setup Package

  5. On the next window, select New SQL server stand-alone installation or add a feature to an existing installation option.

    SQL Installation Center

  6. Accept the License Terms and click Next.

    Accept Licence Terms

  7. On the next screen, the setup will check Global Rules. Once it passes all the checks, click on Next.

    Setup Rule Check

  8. Enable Use Microsoft Updates to check for updates (recommended) and click Next.

    Microsoft Software Update Check

  9. Enable Include SQL Server product updates and click Next to install MS SQL server updates.

    Product Updates

  10. On the next step, the setup will Install Setup Files.

    Product Updates

  11. On the next step, the setup will check for all the Install Rules. Ignore Windows Firewall warning and click Next.

    Install Rules

  12. On the Feature Selection stage, click on Select All and then Next.

    Feature Selction

  13. On the Feature Rules stage, the setup will check for any updates to be installed. Click on Next.

    Feature Rules

  14. On the Instance Configuration stage, if you want to proceed with default settings then click Next. Otherwise, you can select the Named instance, give the proper name to SQL instance and then click Next.

    Instance Configuration

  15. On the Server Configuration screen, you don't have to change anything. Click on Next.

    Server Configuration

  16. On the Database Engine Configuration, change authentication mode to Mixed Mode. Specify "sa" user password and click Next.

     Database Server Configuration

  17. On the Reporting Service Configuration stage, select Install and configure and click Next.

    Reporting Service

  18. Click on Accept button when the setup asks your consent to Install Microsoft R. Click on Next. On the next step, the setup will start installing MS SQL 2016 Express edition.

    Install Microsoft R Open

    Installation Progress

  19. Once MS SQL 2016 is installed. Click on Close.

    Setup Complete

        Note that SQL Management Studio won't be installed with MS SQL 2016. It needs to be downloaded from here and installed separately.

        Looking to upgrade your MSSQL Server? Please refer to MSSQL > Upgrade for more details

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