How to Enable Relation View in phpMyAdmin?

The option Relation View is probably one of the best features available in phpMyadmin. Sometimes you are required to set foreign keys for database tables, but you do not see this Relation View option in PHPMyAdmin. When you don't have this option enabled in PHPMyAdmin, the first thing you should verify is your table's storage engine is set to use InnoDB. It's because only InnoDB allows the Relation View, which will help you make the foreign keys. In this article, we'll describe the steps to change the storage engine to InnoDB from PHPMyAdmin.

1. Log in to phpMyAdmin.

2. Navigate to the database table whose storage engine you wish to change.

3. Click on the Operations tab; under Table options, you will find the Storage Engine drop-down.

4. Select the InnoDB storage engine from the Storage Engine drop-down and click the Go button.

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