How to Install A-AST Linux Malware Detect Interface in cPanel/ WHM?

You can scan your cPanel VPS and Dedicated Server against malware and keep your environment clean with the A-AST Linux Malware Detect cPanel/WHM plugin. 

Unlike other malware detection plugins, A-AST Linux Malware Detect not just detects the malware based on signatures/ hashes created by others. Still, it also keeps track of real-world threats and generates signatures for them. This plugin works efficiently on CentOS 5.x & 6.x and WHM 11.38 and above versions. 

We have listed the steps in this article that will assist you in installing A-AST Linux Malware Detect for the cPanel server.

1. Connect to your Linux machine via SSH.

2. Create a directory to install the plugin and change it to the installation directory. 

mkdir lmd 

cd /lmd

3. Download A-AST Linux Malware Detect for cPanel/ WHM by issuing the following command – 


4. Set execution permission to the installer file.

chmod +x

5. Run the installer and follow the onscreen instructions – 


Once the plugin is installed, activate the license as follows – 

1. Obtain the license key for A-AST Linux Malware Detect cPanel/ WHM plugin.

2. Log in to your WHM.

3. Under the Plugin section, click on A-AST Linux Malware Detect Interface cPanel Plugin v2.0.

4. Enter your license key and submit.


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