How Do I Check Bandwidth Utilization of VPS? Print

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Windows VPS

To check/monitor the usage of each Windows VPS, we have installed a bandwidth meter tool on our main HyperV node. This tool will measure the bandwidth of each VPS as a whole. You can submit the ticket from the client area to avail necessary login information to check the bandwidth usage of your VPS. To monitor bandwidth usage of each service individually, you will need to install third-party bandwidth monitoring tools in your VPS. 


Linux VPS

To monitor bandwidth usage in VPS machines, you can install the following command line monitoring tools. These commands are very useful for monitoring networks and finding bandwidth bottlenecks.

  • nload
  • bmon
  • cacti
  • iftop
  • iptraf

→ Looking to check bandwidth usage on WHM? Please refer to check bandwidth usage for more details.


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