Everything You Should Know About Nameservers & Domain Pointing

What are Nameservers?

For human beings, it would be very difficult to remember numbers instead of names. But Computers only understand IP address and numbers language. Here, the concept of nameservers came into the picture. Any server that has DNS software installed on it is a Nameserver. It is a part of the DNS (Domain Name System).

Nameservers map the domain name to certain IP addresses and make it possible to browse a website through domain name instead of a series of numbers.

What are Custom/Private Nameservers?

When you register any domain, your domain registrar provides the nameservers which are its default nameservers. You can use these nameservers or you can use your hosting provider/third party nameservers for your domain.

Apart from this, you can also use your own nameservers which are generally called Custom/Private Nameservers.

For example, if you have a domain name with “mydomain.com” and you would like to use the nameservers as,-

Then you can definitely do this. You just need to log in to your domain registration control panel and register these nameservers with the DNS server’s IP address. We have a series of tutorials available for this. You can refer to them from here.

How do I set up nameservers for my domain?

(1) If the domain name is registered with AccuWebHosting.com-

In case when you being a customer have a domain registered with Accuwebhosting.com then simply give us your nameservers via support ticket and we will set them for your domain. Please refer to how to raise a support ticket?

If you want to do it at your end, please refer to how to register and set private nameserver from the client area.

(2) If the domain name is not registered with AccuWebHosting.com-

Every domain registrar has a simple web form on their portal to set nameservers. One may log in to the domain registrar portal and set the nameservers.

Here is the URL which guides you step by step to set nameservers at your registrar's web portal.https://manage.accuwebhosting.com/knowledgebase/159/UpdateorChange-Nameservers-at-various-Registrars

If your domain registrar is not listed in the above URL then you can contact its support team.

Once you set the nameservers at your registrar, you will need to set them in your hosting control panel. You can contact us if you are not aware of the steps.

Nameservers Diagnostics tools

Generally, nameservers will take 24-48 hours propagation time however, in order to check what are the nameservers of your domain you can use any of the following methods:

  1. Browse any online DNS diagnostics tool like MyDNS.Is and enter your domain name.

  2. If you have recently changed the nameservers and would like to know which locations are showing updated nameservers then you can use any online DNS testing tool like MyDNS.Is.

→ Looking to change your nameservers from the client area? Please refer to change nameservers from the client area for more details.

→ Looking to register and set nameservers from the client area? Please refer to register and set private nameservers for more details.

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