Spam Experts Email Filtering Service FAQs

(1) What is SpamExperts?

SpamExperts is an Enterprise-class Anti-Spam solution with the most advanced filtering algorithms and spam pattern identification to eliminate 99.98% of Spam reaching your mailbox. With the protection of SpamExperts, you will be secured from the inbound, unsolicited bulk emails and other related threats. Additionally, SpamExperts will drastically save time, eliminate wasted disk space, and protect your email service from junk emails. For more information about our Anti-Spam Email Protection service, you can refer to this URL.

(2) How SpamExperts filters Incoming Emails?

SpamExperts inbound spam filter is a cloud service with unmatched spam intelligence. Setup is quick and simple; it only involves minor DNS adjustments to your site. Our team can easily do this for you.

All we need from you are the MX records of your domain. After setup, all your incoming emails will start routing through our SpamExperts cloud services. Emails will be filtered by our intelligent algorithms and relayed to its original destination mail server. Thus your inbox will be protected against Spam, Viruses, phishing, and malware.

What happens to the Spam? Received emails will be filtered, discarded, or quarantined based on your chosen settings! This is the ideal solution to secure your email and web environment.

(3) Where do I sign up for SpamExperts Email Filtering Services?

You can signup for SpamExperts email filtering services from the following URL.

Signup for SpamExperts Email Filtering Service


(4) How to Whitelist/Blacklist domain in SpamExpert?

Please click Spam Expert > White/Blacklist Domain on SpamExpert for more details. 


(5) What is the Cost of SpamExperts Email Filtering Services?

Price / Domain Number of Mailboxes covered
$2.63 / Domain 0 to 100 Mailboxes
Contact Us 501+ Mailboxes


NOTE: We do not provide a Monthly billing cycle for SpamExperts - 0 to 100 Mailboxes plan. Hence, it will cost you $7.90 USD / domain Quarterly.

Looking to integrate Spam Expert on cPanel? Click on cPanel > Configure Spam Expert for more details. To configure Spam Expert on Windows, click on Windows > Configure Spam Expert.

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