How to add websites, create custom nameservers and point your domains to VPS?

This article explains the entire process of, 1) setup a domain/website using WebsitePanel, 2) create private nameservers (child nameservers) and 3) change nameservers of your domains in just three easy steps. This article is written under the assumption that your VPS is configured with WebsitePanel.

Step 1 - Add new domain/website in WebsitePanel

Please refer to the following knowledgebase article to add a domain name in WebsitePanel.

Add new domain in WebsitePanel

Step 2 - Create private nameservers at domain registrar

In the step #1, you've added a new domain in WebsitePanel. In the next step, you'll have to create private nameserers. Your private nameservers would be like, and you have purchased domain registration from AccuWebHosting, then we will create and set private nameservers. You just need to Submit the ticket from helpdesk to create private nameservers.

If you wish to create private nameservers yourself, go through following articles.

Create private nameservers at Enom
Create private nameservers at Directi

If you have purchased domain from other registrar, you can setup private nameservers from registrar's domain panel. Note that every registrar will have different UI to create the private nameservers. We have step-by-step video tutorials available for popular domain registrars. Refer to our video tutorials to create private nameservers at different registrar

If your registrar is not listed there, please contact us. We will assist you to find out the related tutorials on how to create private nameservers at your domain registrar.


Step - 3 Change nameservers of domain

Once private nameservers are created, you'll have to change nameservers of your domain with the private nameservers created in step #2. Go through our video tutorials to change nameservers at different registrars. If your registrar is not listed there, please contact us. We'll assist you to find out the related tutorials to change the nameservers at your domain registrar.

Test whether private nameservers are registered successfully

Once you register the private nameservers, you can test them by a ping command to check whether they are properly created or not. To ping the nameservers, from command prompt type following. The generated results must resolve to the appropriate DNS server.

ping <>  // Replace with your actual domain.

Note: DNS propagation will take 24-48 hours to propagate across the globe. Before you change nameservers, make sure that you've properly created your website in WebsitePanel.

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