Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in /home/user/public_html/includes/connection.php Error Message Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in... Fix - Unknown address error 550-Verification failed in exim One of our Linux VPS customers faced the problem wherein the customer was unable to receive... Fix - cPanel Account Restore Failed: Failed to create the account. A database owner with the name “cpaneluser” already exists One of our customers was migrated from another cPanel host. While restoring his account to our... Fix - tailwatchd service is down in WHM One of our customers received an email from WHM that service tailwatchd is down. We have taken... Fix :: Unable to add domain in cPanel that points to some other server Problem Statement Unable to add domain (which is not pointing to cPanel server.) in cPanel... Fix :: file open /home/user/etc/domainname/passwd failed with error no such file or directory Problem Statement Getting error while creating an email account from cPanel. Error Message... How to Allow Remote Connection to MySQL Server in cPanel/WHM Server? To prevent potential security risks to MySQL server, by default remote MySQL connections are... How to Create Reseller Account from WHM? WHM allows you to create reseller accounts under your cPanel Linux VPS. To create reseller... How to Enable/Disable Greylisting in WHM? Greylisting is a WHM tool for the Linux server that is used to prevent incoming spamming on your... How to Install ClamAV plugin from WHM? ClamAV is a one of the most popular open source antivirus plugin available for cPanel servers.... How to Install SSL Certificate on WHM/cPanel Services? By default, all WHM/cPanel services use self signed certificate and you get warning while using... How to Migrate/transfer Emails from cPanel to cPanel? You can migrate the whole cPanel account including emails using cPanel transfer tool. Click on... How to Set the Server Time Zone in WHM? We deliver Linux VPS with default Timezone i.e. MST – Mountain Standard Time. You may need to... How to activate and Manage Auto-SSL Certificate in WHM/cPanel? cPanel provides free SSL Certificate to the WHM/cPanel users. Since it is an automated process by... How to allow Ports in WHM Firewall and CSF Firewall through SSH? There are times when you are required to open some ports in the firewall to run applications.... How to convert addon domains to a separate cPanel account? You may have multiple addon Domains hosted in a cPanel account. Following article will help you... How to install CloudFlare cPanel plugin in Linux VPS? CloudFlare plugin integrates CloudFlare services with cPanel server and allows your customers to... How to install ConfigServer Explorer in Linux VPS? Undoubtedly, WHM has been the most comprehensive control panel of all time for Linux based... How to install ConfigServer Firewall in Linux VPS? The ConfigServer Firewall - CSF is one of the most popular and advanced firewall suite available... How to install memcache in WHM/cPanel server (CentOS)? Following article will assist you to install Memcache in cPanel/WHM server. Login into your... How to redirect cPanel/Webmail to encrypted connection [SSL]? When you want to transmit sensitive information over the Internet, you should use HTTPS instead... How to set limited privileges to a reseller account in WHM? After creating Reseller account in WHM, the most important part is to set Reseller privileges.... How to set the backup configuration in WHM? You should consider taking the Backup of your cPanel data at a regular interval. cPanel provides... SMTP error while using PHPMailer with GMail Authentication Problem Statement One of our Linux VPS customer was unable to send emails through PHPMailer...
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