If I Create a New RDP User, Both the RDP Users Will Have Different Desktop Screens? Yes, both the Remote Desktop users will have different desktop screen. Windows creates a user... "The Page cannnot be found" error occurs while configuring phpMyAdmin in Windows Server 2003 This article will guide you on how to configure PHPMyAdmin in Windows Server 2003 Operating... Can I Monitor and Login To User's Account As SmarterMail Administrator? Yes, you can monitor and login to user's mailboxes as SmarterMail administrator using Impersonate... Can I Setup Each Website With Dedicated Application Pool? Yes, you can configure WebsitePanel to assign a dedicated application pool to each website while... Can I downgrade my Classic Windows VPS plan? No, we do not allow Windows VPS downgrade due to the limitation of MS Hyper-V virtualization... Can I open APN port 2195 on my VPS? You will get full administrative control of your VPS, therefore you can surely open/close any... Can I purchase additional RAM, Disk space and Bandwidth for VPS? Yes, you can purchase additional RAM(Our RAM Recommendation), DiskSpace, Bandwidth and vCPU... Common CollectionsMax Issues With Possible Solutions :: Hosted on Windows VPS CollectionsMAX is a desktop based debt collection software suite that runs on the Windows... Do You Have A SmarterMail Demo Account? SmarterMail provides flexible email server for individuals, small businesses, and... Do You Offer VPS with 8 vCPU Cores? No, we do not provide VPS with 8 vCPU cores. We provide VPS with maximum 4 vCPU cores. This is... Do you install any antivirus protection in Windows VPS? Yes, we offer Clamwin free antivirus software as an add-on with Windows VPS plans. We do not... Does Windows VPS Come With Pre-installed Windows OS or Do I Have to Install Windows OS By My Own? Windows operating system will be pre-installed on your Windows VPS. We will install and configure... Does Windows VPS Provide File Manager? Windows VPS comes with pre-installed operating system so you will get complete file explorer... Error: Specified FTP account already exists on the target service Sometimes, it happens that if you try to create an FTP account from WebsitePanel, it shows an... FTP Error: 530 User cannot log in, home directory inaccessible The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer computer files... Fix :: Error 126 while starting remote desktop service, the specified module could not be found Problem Statement Could not connect to Windows VPS Error Message Remote Desktop can't connect... Fix :: Websites with URL Rewrite do not work in Windows VPS Problem Statement Websites with URL Rewrite are not working in Windows VPS. Solution One of... Fix: All EXE Files By Default Open With Notepad or Other Application Problem:Due to some misconfiguration or change in the setting of “open with” program, Windows... How Do I Point My Websites to VPS? This article will guide you to point your websites to VPS. You can point your websites to VPS in... How Many RDP connections can be made in my Windows VPS SIMULTANEOUSLY? By default Windows allows 2 simultaneous RDP connections to your VPS. If you need more than 2... How To Setup SMTP in nopCommerce to Send Email? Login to your nopCommerce admin with URL Click on Configuration >>... How To Synchronize Windows VPS Clock With Internet Time Server? Sometimes your Windows VPS may get drift away from the correct time by as many as a few seconds... How do I Increase PHP File Upload Size in Windows VPS? Login to Windows VPS with Administrator user. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v5.X and... How do I access my Windows VPS data using FTP and transfer the files between local system and VPS? Prerequisites: Your Windows VPS must have an FTP server installed. If it is not installed then... How do I add rDNS record for my VPS? Please note that you cannot set rDNS [Reverse DNS] or PTR record on your VPS IP address at your... How do I connect Windows VPS using Remote Desktop from different operating systems? Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a protocol that allows users to access their Windows VPS... How do I connect to Windows VPS via RDP with non standard port? By default Microsoft Windows OS comes with Remote desktop services on default port 3389. Since it... How do I login to Windows VPS Management Portal? This article will guide you on how to login to VPS Management Portal. You can obtain login... How do I modify php.ini file to enable/disable parameters in Windows VPS? In default VPS configuration, you will find php.ini file at following path:C:\Program Files... How do I print to my local printers from my windows VPS? If you are processing documents directly from your Windows VPS, and want them to be printed out... How do I upgrade RAM of my Windows VPS? Whether you have a blog with increasing traffic, a growing business, or a website running complex... How do I verify my Windows VPS resources from Remote Desktop? Once you receive Welcome Email OR VPS Login details, the first thing you should do is verify the... How much RAM do I need for the smooth execution of my Windows VPS services? This video will help you to choose the correct RAM resource to smoothly execute your services. How to Add DNS Server Role in Windows 2008 Server? The DNS Server Role installation is essential when you wish to use the DNS service of your own... How to Add IIS Role in Windows 2008 Server? Internet Information Services (IIS) is a web server developed by the Microsoft for hosting web... How to Allow Ping/ICMP Echo Request in Windows Firewall? PING or ICMP Echo Request is the most common network troubleshooting tool to determine whether... How to Change TimeZone in Windows? We deliver Windows VPS with default time zone MST - Mountain Standard Time. You may need to... How to Change the RDP User's Password in Windows Server 2012 R2? Following is the steps to change the Administrator Password of Window Server 2012 R2. Log on... How to Check Logs for Windows Server/VPS Reboot? At Windows event viewer, you can examine server logs for all events. To check server reboot logs... How to Disable LAN Sync Feature In Dropbox Client To Stop Unwanted UDP Traffic? Dropbox is an easy to use Cloud storage and File file-syncing Service. It allows you to share and... How to Enable Remote Desktop Audio in Windows VPS? Sometimes you wish to play audio/video sound from your VPS, but you cannot due to the virtual... How to Import and Export Windows Firewall Settings in Windows Server 2016? If you are in the process of migrating from one Windows server to another and wanted same... How to Install & Configure Shoutcast Server on Windows VPS? SHOUTcast is free popular software for streaming media over the internet. Developed by Nullsoft... How to Install Desktop Experience On Windows Server? The Desktop Experience feature makes your Window VPS look like local your Windows 7 desktop. The... How to Install and configure Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)? WSUS is used to automatically download windows updates files on the Microsoft Windows server 2016... How to Open Ports in Firewall on Windows Server 2008 R2? Following article will assist you to open ports in Firewall on Windows VPS with Windows Server... How to Register ASP.NET 4.0 with Application Pool in IIS 7? It is required to register ASP.NET 4.0 with your application pool inorder to run your ASP website... How to Remove a Remote Desktop User from Windows VPS? This article will assist you to remove a Remote Desktop user from Windows VPS. Important: Once... How to Reset Windows VPS Management Portal Password From Client Area? Sometimes, you may need to reset the password of Windows VPS Management portal. By following... How to Schedule a Task in Windows Server 2008 VPS? Following article will guide you to schedule a task in Windows Server 2008 R2. Go to Start →... How to Set Custom php.ini file on my Web Hosting Service? Sometimes you are required to set custom php environmental variables or update php settings for... How to Setup Remote Desktop Service License in Windows Server in 2012 and 2016 OS? You can connect the Windows server using RDP with 2 users at the same time. We required Remote... How to Setup Terminal Client Access License (CAL) in Windows Server? By default, two users can connect to Remote Windows server via Remote Desktop. In certain... How to Setup Web Deploy in Windows Server? To deploy your ASP.NET and PHP applications to an IIS web server, web deploy is the best tool... How to Transfer Files to Windows VPS Using Remote Desktop Connection? You can map your local drives on your Windows VPS and easily transfer the web contents from your... How to Transfer and Restore Files From Local Computer to Windows VPS? This article will assist you to transfer and restore your websites, MS SQL, MySQL databases from... How to Upgrade PHP Version in Windows VPS? More often you are required to upgrade the php version for your web applications in Windows VPS.... How to add a new DNS zone and manage DNS Records For a Domain Hosted on Windows VPS? This tutorial will assist you to add a new DNS Zone, add/edit/delete various DNS records in DNS... How to allow logon through Terminal Services group policy and Remote Desktop Users group in Windows? One of our Windows VPS customers tried to login through Remote Desktop Services to a VPS with a... How to allow multiple RDP sessions for the single user in Windows? Sometimes you want to access multiple concurrent Remote Desktop sessions for the same RDP user.... How to block single IP address or range of IP addresses from Windows Firewall 2008? Following article will assist you to block single IP address or a range of IP addresses in... How to change RDP Password of Windows Server 2016? Please refer to the following steps to change the Administrator User Password of Windows 2016... How to change VPS administrator password from Windows VPS Management Portal? You can change the Windows VPS Administrator Password directly from VPS Web Management Portal.... How to change administrator user password in Windows server 2019? Today, we will guide you on how to change the administrator user Password for Windows server... How to change password for FTP user from Computer Management? Following tutorial will guide you to reset the FTP user account from Computer Management.... How to change the RDP user's password in Windows Server 2003/2008? Follow the below mentioned steps to change the RDP [Remote Desktop] user's password in Windows... How to change the default RDP (Remote Desktop) listening port on your Windows VPS? By default, Windows machines are remotely accessible via Remote Desktop on TCP port 3389. In... How to change time zone in Window Server 2008? Following is the article to change the timezone on Window Server 2008 Login to your server and... How to check my Windows VPS from my iPod Touch or iPhone? Following are the steps to check your VPS from iPod Touch or iPhone: Download and install the... How to configure static Compression Ignore Hit Frequency in Windows Server 2012 R2/Window Server 2016? Following is the article to ignore static Compression Ignore Hit Frequency in IIS10. Click on... How to configure the Windows Firewall to allow only specific IP Address to connect your ports? If you want to allow or whitelist only a specific IP address on a port, you can enable using this... How to connect to your Windows VPS/Dedicated server from Windows system? Below mentioned are the steps to connect to your Windows VPS/Dedicated server from Windows... How to create FTP account in Windows VPS or Dedicated server Manually? The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is useful for Web hosting companies to allow their customers to... How to create RDP user from Windows VPS/Dedicated server? Many Windows VPS/Dedicated server users are facing an issue on how to setup another RDP user for... How to disable RC4 ciphers from the Windows Server 2008? Microsoft suggests using the TLS 1.2 Security Encryption to their clients since it has the... How to disable shutdown option from start menu in Windows 2003/2008 server? Sometimes, Windows VPS/Dedicated server clients shutdown their system by mistake and thenafter... How to download and install dotnet core 2.0 Runtime on the Windows? Dotnet Core is now available with the Windows. Following are the steps to install runtime Dotnet... How to enable GD Library support for PHP in Windows server? In order to enable GD Library support for PHP on Windows server, follow the below mentioned... How to enable MS SQL server access in php? The Microsoft Drivers for PHP are the PHP extensions that allows for reading and writing of SQL... How to enable/disable Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC) in Windows Server 2008 & 2012? Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) mode eliminates the chances of an attack on the server by... How to enable/disable the Compression for a website from the IIS 10? Enabling HTTP Compression lead to the quick transmission of HTTP requests between IIS and Your... How to force HTTPS from web.config file? The Microsoft URL Rewrite Module 2.0 for IIS 7 and above enables IIS administrators to create... How to install FTP service in Windows Server 2003? This article will guide you on how to install FTP service in Windows Server 2003:   Click on... How to install Node.Js on Windows Server? Following steps will be helpful to install Node.Js on your windows server. Go to... How to install NopCommerce manually? If you own Windows VPS and don’t have any control panel(SolidCP, Plesk etc) configured on it but... How to install PHP 7 on windows server Manually? It is required to install the PHP on your windows web server to run the PHP Website. Before we... How to install SmarterStats in Windows VPS? SmarterStats is a complete Web log analytics tool that provides relevant, accurate, and detailed... How to install Telnet server on Windows VPS? By default, Telnet server is not installed on your Windows VPS and when you try to run "Telnet"... How to install Windows Updates / Patches on Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 OS? You can follow these steps to install the latest windows updates and patches on Windows 2008 or... How to install Xojo Apps on the Windows VPS? This article will assist you how to install Xojo Apps on Windows Server.Xojo is a object oriented... How to install and configure SMTP Server on Windows Server 2016? SMTP stands for simple mail tranfer protocol. SMTP allows your emails to be sent from one mail... How to place classic windows VPS order? This is a video tutorial about selecting an appropriate configuration for your Classic Windows... How to place windows SSD VPS order? This is a video tutorial about selecting an appropriate configuration for your SSD Windows VPS... How to reboot my Windows VPS from VPS Management Portal? You can reboot your VPS from your VPS Management Portal ( by following... How to renew SSL certificate in Windows VPS? This article will guide you on how to reinstall renewed SSL certificate in your Windows VPS... How to reset MySQL root password without existing password in Windows VPS? It's pretty simple to reset the MySQL user account  password using SET PASSWORD syntax when you... How to reset forgot password of Nopcommerce admin? There might be a scenario where you have lost or forgotten the Nopcommerce admin password due to... How to reset password of all Windows VPS Services? In following, we advise our Windows VPS customers to reset all the passwords. Your Windows VPS... How to resolve an error which occurs while configuring MySQL service in WebsitePanel? This article is about resolving an error occurring while configuring MySQL service in Website... How to resolve “mcrypt extension is missing. Please check your PHP configuration” error in phpMyAdmin? This article will guide you on how to resolve the “mcrypt extension is missing. Please check your... How to schedule reboot of windows server 2012? This article has detailed steps to schedule a restart of your Windows VPS server 2008/2012 and... How to set FTP user permission for Web Deploy? Following are the steps to provide FTP User permission for the web deploy. Login into IIS.... How to set password policy in Windows Server 2008? When we try to set or to change the password in Windows Server 2008 Operating System, we may face... How to setup Failure Settings for an Application Pool in IIS? Rapid fail protection is an IIS feature that works with the health of worker processes of a... How to setup web admin email account from MailEnable? Following are the steps to setup web admin email account from MailEnable: Login into... How to use multiple monitors with Remote Desktop Connection for Windows? If you are using multiple monitors and often connect to remote servers via Remote Desktop, you... I am unable to do RDP in my Windows VPS. What could be the possible reasons? Please check the following: Ensure that you are using correct IP to do RDP. Ensure that your... I can not access (login) Remote Desktop using the IP address to my Windows VPS. What am I missing here? Note: Following instructions do not appply to VPS customers who are accessing their Remote... List of software installed in Windows VPS with Full configuration Following is list of softwares which are available on your VPS when you buy a Windows VPS with... Network Wide Port Blocks For the security reasons, we have blocked inbound traffic for following ports: Telnet - Port... PHP is not working on my domain name. How should I resolve this problem? We've frequently observed that application extensions path is setup incorrect in IIS property of... Random Service Crash in Windows VPS It’s quite often when we face problems of Random Service Crash in Windows VPS. You may come... Recommended open ports in Windows Firewall of your VPS Following is the list of recommended open ports in Firewall of your VPS: Make sure that the... Recommended system configurations for Windows Server 2019/2016/2012 OS Here, are the system requirements for the Windows Server OS 2019/2016 and 2012. Windows... Remote Desktop port change for Windows VPS Dear Valued Customers, By default, Microsoft Windows OS comes with Remote desktop services on... Remotely Connect Windows VPS using an Android Device This article explains the procedure to get the remote access to your Windows VPS over Android... Upgrade of Windows Server 2003 Standard to Windows Server 2008/2012 OS in the VPS Windows Server 2003 OS is now out of the market and Microsoft will not release any new updates or... What are the benefits of installing windows updates? Windows Update, a service offered by Microsoft, provides updates for Windows components. Let's... What are the benefits of running SENuke X on Windows VPS? Benefits of running SENuke X on Windows VPS: It runs 24*7, SEnuke X includes scheduling... Windows VPS Quick Start Guide WELCOME We have prepared this document to assist you in setting up your VPS in a...
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