What is the IPS TAG?

IPS TAG (Internet Provider Security TAG) is a unique identifier used by domain name registrars in the United Kingdom to identify the organization responsible for managing a particular domain name.

This TAG system was introduced by Nominet, the UK's domain name registry, as a way to ensure that domain names were managed by legitimate organizations and to prevent fraudulent transfers of domain names.

If a domain name is to be transferred from one registrar to another, the IPS TAG must be changed to the new registrar's tag.

This ensures that the new registrar is authorized to manage the domain name. The IPS TAG acts as a security measure to prevent fraudulent transfers of domain names, which can be a serious problem in the domain name industry.

This system is only used by the United Kingdom and not by any other country or registry.

IPS tags apply to the following domain extensions:

.UK .co.uk .org.uk


Why is an IPS Tag important?

Domain transfers: If you want to transfer a domain to a different domain registrar, you will need to provide the new registrar's IPS Tag to the current registrar. This allows the current registrar to release the domain to the new hosting provider.

Domain ownership: The IPS Tag also helps to establish ownership of a domain. If you want to prove that you are the owner of a domain, you may need to provide the IPS Tag to a third party.


What is the IPS tag of Accu Web Hosting?

To transfer your .uk domain to Accu Web Hosting, you need to give us our IPS Tag and request a retag of your domain with your current registrar. Our IPS Tag is ENOM.

If you have any questions or concerns about transferring your domain, you can contact our technical support team.

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