How many nameservers a domain can have?

Some registrars allow 13 nameserver fields to set an authoritative nameserver for the domain. Among them is the DirectI ( registrar, which allows 13 nameserver fields to set nameservers for a domain name.

The minimum number of nameservers the domain should have is 2.

What is the nameserver?

Nameserver is the address of the DNS server. It says which DNS Server is authoritative for the domain. Authoritative means it is responsible for answering all queries, such as where the specific website will be found.

In other words, we can say that nameserver is a type of DNS server that sores all DNS records for the domain, such as A, MX, CNAME, etc.

A domain name can have multiple nameservers. The first one will be the primary nameserver, and the other will be the secondary nameserver. The secondary nameservers sync the DNS records of the primary nameserver at regular intervals.

We can also say that the secondary nameserver store the exact copies of the DNS record of the primary nameserver.

If you update the primary nameserver of your domain, the secondary nameserver will be updated automatically at regular intervals.

Advantages of multiple nameservers:

-> It increases the reliability of the domain name.

-> If you use multiple nameservers for your domain, if one nameserver goes down or is unavailable, the incoming query will go to another nameserver.

Uses of Nameserver:

-> When you create a new website in your hosting service, you want visitors to see your website on the internet. Nameservers fulfill this facility.

-> It is the address of your website, so you should know your domain name's nameserver.

-> There are multiple examples where you should know your nameserver.

Example 1: If you purchase a new domain name from Godaddy and want to point it to the Accuwebhosting service, then you should have the correct nameserver.

Example 2: If you decide to change the hosting service for your domain, you can point your domain to the new hosting service via nameservers.

-> If you set the wrong nameserver for your domain, the visitors cannot load a website or application.

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