How to resolve ODBC error 80004005?

ODBC(Open Database connectivity) is used to create dynamic web apps. Sometimes these apps fail due to the connectivity failure to the database, and it throws the ODBC error 80004005.

It is likewise complicated to search out the particular cause for ODBC error 80004005. However, this article provides the basic causes and the way our specialist technician team has resolved them.

In straightforward terms, the website uses the Microsoft Access Databases and has trouble connecting the database will throw ODBC error 80004005.

Below we have provided the causes and the solutions for ODBC error 80004005.

  1. Incorrect permissions.

    • The web apps have enough permission to access the database files of extensions mdb, ldb, etc. If the read, write, or other required permission is missing, the web app will throw an ODBC error 80004005.

    • For example, if your database file has only read permission, your website will throw the same error.

    • Also, if you are using the IIS7 as your web server, it is required for you to know that the IIS7 supports classic ASP, but to use it with Microsoft Access Databases, then it requires special permission.

  2. Inaccurate DSN configurations.

    • DSN has information for the website database that defines which ODBC driver connects to which specific database. If the DSN has misconfigured, the website will throw ODBC error 80004005.

    • Sometimes, if the DSN creation is forgotten or added to the wrong path of the database file, the site will also throw the same error.

  3. Corrupt Database.

    • No doubts that a corrupt Database will invariably throw errors. In such cases catch the actual cause won't provide the actual cause, and it'll throw ODBC error 80004005.

  4. Multiple processes.

    • Microsoft Access Database has trouble in handling multiple requests at the same time. For example, if the web page requests to open the connection to the database using the connection string and there is no code to close the connection when another web page tries to open the connection, it throws the ODBC error 80004005.

  5. SQL server security.

    • If the SQL Integrated Security is enabled, it ensures that you are connected with the SQL server using Windows authentication. However, it required you to use the username and password of the server in the connection string instead of the SQL username and password.

    • If you are using the username and password of the SQL server, it throws the ODBC error 80004005.

Now, we know the causes of ODBC error 80004005. Here are the solutions from our specialist technician team.

  1. Verify the permission of the database file to the specific user and correct it.

  2. Check if there is any misconfigured DNS. Also, check the database connection string in the .asa file.

  3. It is always better to have a backup of the database and web files. Somehow if the database got corrupted, the easiest way is to restore the database from the available backup.

  4. Sometimes website throws an error due to multiple open connections to the database. Recycling the app pool will close all the connections and resolve the issue temporarily. But, it is better to make changes in code to close the connection to the database when it is not required.

  5. Check If the SQL Integrated Security is enabled. Also, ensure that you are using the username and the password of the server instead of the SQL.

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