How To Fix An Error "The Uploaded file could not be moved to WP-Content/Uploads" folder? Print

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Sometimes you receive following error while trying to upload new Media/Images to your WordsPress website. Follow below steps to resolve it.

Note: This error occurs only if you are using default application pool in Windows VPS

        Error Message While Uploading Images In WordPress

  1. Login to your Windows VPS via RDP (Remote Desktop Access). This tutorial will guide you to connect to Windows VPS server using the RDP from different operating systems.

  2. Click on Start and go to the wp-content folder of your WordPress Installation.

    Browse To WP-Content Folder

  3. Right click on the WP-Content folder and select Properties.

    WP-Content Properties
  4. In the properties tab, select Security tab and click on Edit.

    WP-Content Security

  5. In the Permission for WP-Content tab click on Add.

    WP-Content Permissions

  6. In Select Users & Groups tab, click on Advanced. This will open a new tab.

    WP-Content Advance
  7. In new tab of Select Users or Groups, click on Find Now. It will display the list of users and groups.

    WP-Content Users

  8. In search result field, select IIS_IUSRS and click OK.

    WP-Content IIS_IUSRS

  9. It will display the selected user in Select Users and Groups tab. Click on Ok and click on Apply in the permission tab. This will apply all the permissions for the user.

    WP-Content User List

  10. Click OK to close all the opened tabs.

That's it !!! you should be able to upload images to your WordPress site.

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