I don't recognize "2CO.COM*ACCUWEBHO" charge on my credit card statement. Is it from AccuWebHosting?

This article is valid only if you have purchased services from AccuWebHosting.com! For any other purchase, please contact 2checkout.com.

In your credit card statement, your purchase with Accuwebhosting will appear as 2CO.COM*ACCUWEBHO. 2CO (2Checkout) is our authorized vendor and Payment Processor. In case you wish to review your purchase or get transaction details, you can visit 2checkout.com.

At the 2CO.com page, fill out the order lookup form with the following details:

1. 2CO Order Number/PayPal Invoice ID (You should have received these details at your registered email address while purchasing.)

2. Your Email Address (Given at the time of purchase)


3. First 4 Digits of the Card Charged and the Last 4 Digits of the Card Charged.
4. Your Email Address (Given at the time of purchase)


At 2CO.Com, you are allowed to review an order, print an invoice, stop recurring billing or update your billing information for a specific order.

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