How do I create an SRV record for my domain?

This article will help you add an SRV record to your domain. Services Resource Record (SRV) is a typical DNS record that specifies how your domain will handle third-party services such as SIP, VoIP or Microsoft Office 365. SRV record allows you to provide information on services associated with the hostname.

You are not allowed to create SRV records alone if you have a Windows Shared Hosting or  Linux Shared Hosting account with AccuWebHosting. Instead, you must open a support ticket by logging in g the n to the AccuWebHosting client area. While you submit the ticket, do not forget to specify the following information.

  • Name of service (sip, VoIp, etc).
  • Protocol (TCP or UDP).
  • Name of your domain (
  • Service port number.
  • The hostname of the server that provides the service (for example,
  • Priority (optional) - Lower numbers mean higher priority in the range of 0-65535.
  • TTL time-to-live (optional) - How long should the caching nameservers cache your SRV record before querying your DNS server for the new value again?
  • Weight (optional): This value will be used when more than one service is listed with the same priority. It ranges between 0 and 65535. TTL class SRV priority weight port target.  //  SRV Record Format 43200 IN SRV 0 7 8960  //  Sample SRV Record

When you do not specify values for Priority, TTL, and Weight, default values will be considered: 0 for priority and weight and 14400 for the TTL value.

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