How to take full backup of your hosting space created in HELM

Backup of Emails:

To take the backup of your emails, you can configure your emails accounts into email client and download your all the emails. Please check following URL to configure your email account with email client software:

Backup of Web-contents:

Using FTP Client software, you can Download your web contents into your local system. Visit following article to create FTP account:

Visit following article to configure FTP account with FTP Client software and download your web contents:

Backup of MySQL Database:

HELM does not provide the feature to secure the backup of database, you need to take Database backup manually. Visit following article to take backup of your MySQL database:

Backup of MSSQL Database:

HELM 3 do not provide facility of MS-SQL Database backup. However, if you need the backup of your MS-SQL Database, you can raise a support ticket from your Billing client area (i.e. We will take backup of your database and store it in your Hosting space. So you can download the backup to your system.

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