How to Restore Exim Configuration from WHM?

EXIM comes with cPanel which is responsible for the email tranfer on the Linux server. Users can configure Exim as per their requirement of sending emails. There are lots off settings you can configure on Exim. Like each domain can send emails using their Dedicated IP Address and hourly mail sending policy etc. We should take the Backup of Exim Configuration so if the server finds any issue in the future, we can restore those setting which we have baked up previously.

Following are the steps to restore Exim Configuration in WHM.

  1. Login to your WHM Panel.

  2. From WHM Go to Service Configuration.

  3. Click on Exim Configuration.

  4. On Exim Configuration Manage, click on the Restore button.

  5. Click on the upload button and choose the Backup file which you have taken the backup earlier. 

          This is how you can restore the Exim Configuration in WHM. Please click on this link to take the WHM Configuration Backup. 

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