How to change the root password of VPS from SolusVM VPS managment portal.

Following are the steps to change the root password of VPS from VPS Management Portal.

  1. Login to your Linux VPS Management URL with You can find the username and password for your Linux VPS under My Services in the client area.

  1. You will find the VPS control panel with lots of options.

  2. Click the Root/Admin Password option under Controls option.


  3. You will find a dialogue box with New Root Password. You will need to enter your new root password for the VPS and click on Change.


  4. Once you enter the new root password, it will ask for the reboot. It is essential to reboot a VPS from VPS management panel. The new password will not take effect without the reboot.

  5. Click on the reboot button to reboot the VPS.


    Now, you can log in to the VPS with the new root password.

    Looking to login to the SolusVM Management portal? Please refer to Log in to SolusVM Management Portal for more details. 

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