How to Install nopCommerce Manually?

If you own Windows VPS and don’t have any control panel (SolidCP, Plesk, etc.) configured on it but want to set up a nopCommerce store, you will need to do it manually.

This article will help you install nopCommerce through the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) of your VPS. We will install it through the Microsoft WebPI installer, which will install all dependent applications required for nopCommerce.

1. Log in to your Windows VPS via RDP.

2. Open Microsoft Web Platform Installer.

Download it if you haven’t already installed it.

3. Search for nopCommerce and click on the Add button.


4. nopCommerce will show you a dependent application list if any applications are not installed on your Windows VPS. Accept the terms to proceed with the installation.

Accept Terms

5. On this window, enter details to create your eCommerce website.

  • nopCommerce Application Name: This will create a new folder on the document root of your website. It is the default so that your eCommerce store can be accessed when someone types in the browser.
  • Website Name: Enter the domain name of your website.
  • Physical Path: You can choose c:\inetpub\wwwroot\.
  • IP address: Select the IP address of your VPS on which you have pointed the A record of your website.

Enter Website Details

6. The installation will take a few seconds.
Once the installation is complete, save the database information in a safe place. You will need to enter those details in the next step.

7. Then, click on Launch nopCommerce.

Copy Details and Launch

8. The installation page will look like this as shown below -

Initial Details

9. Enter the Admin details.

10. Scroll down to enter the database information you copied earlier and click on Install.

Enter Database Details

The initial setup will not take long. 

That’s all.
Your nopCommerce store is ready.

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