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This article will assist you to set/change the nameservers of your domain from DirectI control panel. Please note that DirectI is one of the channel registrars of AccuWeb Hosting.


  1. Login to DirectI Control Panel using domain's contact email address.

    Login to DirectI Domain Control Panel

  2. At control panel home page, in upper right hand side corner, click on your user name. Click on My Account Link.

    Click On My Account

  3. Under Manage Orders Menu, click on List/Search Orders link.

    Click on List Search Orders

  4. Click on your Domain name.

    Click On Your Domain Name

  5. Click on Name servers. Enter your nameservers in Name Server # fields. Make sure that nameservers you are entering are already registered. If they are not registered, you can refer our article to register your private nameservers for a domain from DirectI control panel.

    Enter Your Child Nameservers

  6. Click on Update Nameservers button once you complete the entries.

Note: Once you change the nameservers, allow 24-48 hours to propagate the changes across the globe.

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