I am receiving too much spam emails. How to configure email accounts to reduce spam?

For Windows shared hosting customers, AccuWebHosting offers SmarterMail mail server. Windows shared hosting customers can utilize SmarterMail's inbuilt Spam filter to reduce the incoming Spam emails. Here is a complete tutorial to setup spam filtering in SmarterMail.

For Linux shared Hosting customers, AccuWebHosting offers Exim Mail server. Linux shared Hosting customers can enable spam protection from cPanel through either BoxTrapper or SpamAssasin  spam filter. The following tutorial will show you how you can configure spam protection through both BoxTrapper and SpamAssasin. Since we do no provide BoxTrapper spam filtering in Linux shared hosting, you will have to jump to 1:28 in this video tutorial.


If you are still receiving too much spam emails, you should consider our paid Anti-Spam Cloud Service.

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