Creating Private Nameservers at GoDaddy

Following are the steps to Register Nameservers at GoDaddy domain control panel:

  1. Login to Domain Control panel of GoDaddy

  2. Go to Domains All Domains

  3. Click on Settings Icon of the domain for which you want to change the Nameservers. Click on Domain Details

    Manage a Domain from Control Panel

  4. Before setting up the nameservers, you will have to add those nameservers as Host Names. This option will register custom nameservers for you.

    Select Hostnames Option to Create Private Nameservers

  5. You will have to just add NS1 and NS2 in hostname with your VPS IP address.

    Add Hostnames to Complete Nameservers Creation Procedure

  6. Once you have added the hostnames, you can set those nameservers for your domain.

  7. Click on Manage button right below Nameservers option. It will pop up new windows and will allow you to set nameservers which you have added as hostname. 

    Set Hostnames as Nameservers for Your Domain

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