Dear Valued Clients,

In our ongoing effort to ensure our customers have the best technology and service, we are upgrading our monitoring system for Fully managed VPS. In order add your VPS to our monitoring system, we will have to install 'Monitoring Agent'on your VPS. Installation may take few minutes and it does not require a reboot. There will not be any downtime during the process. We will perform this installation between 6th to 12th April 2016.

This will affect if you have opted VPS with 'Fully managed' service [All SSD VPS plans are 'Fully managed']

This system will facilate us to:

1) Monitor the RAM usage
2) Monitor the Disk Space usage
3) Monitor the CPU load
4) Monitor the Service ports like FTP, HTTP, SMTP, MSSQL, MySQL

If you have any enquiries regarding this maintenance, feel free to write an email to [email protected] or directly initiate a chat request accessible at our website's home page

We thank you for your co-operation.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

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