Dear Valued Clients,

In our ongoing effort to ensure our customers have the best technology and service, please be informed that we will be replacing our Linux Shared Servers ( - and - to the latest SSD hardware.

During this maintenance, we will transfer all cPanel accounts along with databases, mailboxes, web-contents, FTP accounts and DNS records to the new server.

During this time, we will be upgrading MySQL version and will add the support for the latest stable PHP version 5.4.XX on the new hardware. MySQL Version will be upgraded from the current version of MySQL-5.1 to MySQL-5.6 and we will add support for the latest version of PHP-5.4.x on the new server.

We will also provide an additional database server MariaDB in the new setup. After the upgrade, you will have 2 database servers to choose from.

As we have to meticulously migrate each and every individual site, this upgrade is estimated to be completed in one week. However, your specific downtime will be 60-120 minutes at some point during the scheduled period. We will communicate via email when your site will be queued up for migration.

Maintenance Duration:

10th Jan 2015 to 22nd Jan 2015 :: Approximately one week

Maintenance Impact & ETA of Outage:

This maintenance will affect you only if your websites are hosted under the following servers: - -

>>> What will be impacted during this Maintenance?

This maintenance will mainly impact the following:

- FrontPage

>>> Why is this upgrade needed?

PHP 5.3.XX and MySQL 5.1 versions are no longer maintained and there are no further security or other updates available. To maintain the server's security, it is essential to upgrade PHP and MySQL versions. This upgrade is also needed to ensure that our clients are on the latest infrastructure.

>>> How long will this maintenance take and what would be the impact?

Although the maintenance will take approximately one week, your specific site will take approximately 60-120 minutes. During this 60-120 minutes, all your services such as Websites, FTP, MySQL and Emails will be inaccessible and down.

After migration, your website may resolve from the old server for several hours or until fully propagated.

>>> How will the PHP and MySQL versions upgrade affect my current website?

1. In the new hardware we will upgrade PHP version to 5.4 but you will have multiple choices of PHP versions to select from. Therefore, if you are using an older version of PHP, either you can upgrade your application to the newer version (which is highly recommended) with the help of your developer OR you can select the appropriate PHP version from the list.

2. However, you are advised to upgrade all your applications to the newer version immediately as the older versions of PHP have reached to end of life.

3. We will upgrade current MySQL version with MySQL 5.6. As such, old style passwords created with older encryption versions will not work in the new server. In this case, please follow the appropriate steps according to your setup:

>> If you are using an old style password, after upgrade your website will not connect to the database. You will have to reset the MySQL password. If you are unsure of how to accomplish this, please contact your developer or refer to this article:

>> If you are using a new style password, no actions need to be taken.

>> If you are unsure about old style/new style password, you can provide us a list of MySQL databases, usernames and passwords and we will assist.

After this migration, if your website does not come up, please update us with list of MySQL databases, username/password and connection string path in a ticket and we will immediately address it.

4. As an alternate MySQL server, we will also provide MariaDB. There is no major difference between MariaDB and MySQL except MariaDB is more feature rich than MySQL.

>>> How will FrontPage be affected during this maintenance?

cPanel 11.46, cPanel has removed the support for FrontPage extensions and will not be available on the new server. If you have developed your website using FrontPage, you should immediately contact your developers.

>>> What DNS changes do I have to make after this maintenance?

After this migration process, your nameservers need to point to the new server.

1. If you are using our DNS service, during this task, we will take care of the nameservers change on your behalf.
2. If you are not using our DNS service, you need to change the A record with new server IP address.
3. If you are unsure about DNS service, you can contact us through ticket or live chat and we will assist.

>>> What are the new features introduced in this migration?

We will offer the following new features to our customers without any additional cost:

- CloudLinux: Highly optimized Operating System for shared hosting environment
- Blazing fast pure Solid State Drive storage for 100X faster data access
- High performance Processor
- Various PHP versions to choose from; PHP 5.3, 5.4 & PHP 5.5
- MySQL 5.6
- High performance and lightweight commercial web server LiteSpeed
- Free Dedicated IP address for reseller accounts

Important Update: Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer MariaDB database engine parallel to MySQL with our new Linux SSD server. The reason is, cPanel does not support MariaDB. There is an unsupported workaround to use this feature however it is not guaranteed to work in future. Hence, we are only providing MySQL 5.6 as a database server with this new hardware.

>>> What if I want to migrate my account to new server before the scheduled timeframe?

If you want to migrate your account to new hardware before the scheduled time, you can contact us immediately through ticket.


This upgrade will affect not only your main domain/s but ALSO all your Parked Domains, Sub-Domains, and Add-on Domains. Please ensure these are properly addressed by you or your programmer.

Following are the changes in newer version:

(1) Deprecated Functions (MySQL)


(2) Deprecated Functions (PHP)

The following functions have been removed from PHP:

session_is_registered(), session_register() and session_unregister().
The aliases mysqli_bind_param(), mysqli_bind_result(), mysqli_client_encoding(), mysqli_fetch(), mysqli_param_count(), mysqli_get_metadata(), mysqli_send_long_data(), mysqli::client_encoding() and mysqli_stmt::stmt().

(3) Keywords

The following keywords are now reserved, and may not be used as names by functions, classes, etc.


(4) Additional Information:

PHP 5.4 has many backward incompatible changes. You can find the details from here:

There are significant change in MySQL 5.6. Please ensure that your application is fully compatible with MySQL 5.6 so that you do not face any problem after this maintenance. For more details, please refer MySQL 5.6 release note from the following URL:

If you have any enquiries regarding this maintenance, feel free to write an email to [email protected] or directly initiate a chat request accessible at our website's home page (click - Live Chat).

We thank you for the co-operation.

Sincerely yours,

Friday, January 2, 2015

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