11:00 PM Building engineers have completed all operations and we are running under normal condiditions.

Maintenance Description:

From 6:00AM MDT May 3, 2014 until 2:00PM MDT May 3, 2014, the building that houses the data center will be conducting maintenance on their electrical systems and other building infrastructure. During these hours, our data center provider anticipates losing utility power for up to 8 hours.

During this time the data center will have technicians from their Generator Maintenance Vendors onsite to monitor these systems during the event.

Maintenance Impact:

We expect that there will be no impact to service. Cooling Environmental systems are not expected to be effected by this shutdown.

The data center is already backed up by two UPS and and two dedicated diesel generators. Both of these systems are maintained at or above vendor recommended intervals by the data center. In particular, the generators are tested weekly, serviced monthly, and have full load transfer tests conducted on a quarterly basis by the data center. Our data center people are confident that their generators will function without any issues during the period when they have no utility power.

If you have any question or concern, feel free to contact us.


Thursday, April 24, 2014

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