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Microsoft FrontPage Users Customers with Microsoft FrontPage extensions installed on their sites should only use FrontPage publishing feature to transfer files. Using regular FTP can corrupt the extensions, disabling the functionality of the FrontPage web and requiring that the site be deleted to reinstall the extensions.

  1. Open your Fetch program.

  2. From the Menu bar click on File and select New Connection. In the New Connection window, you will need to fill out the following fields:

    • Host: This is ftp.yourdomain.com, where yourdomain.com is your actual domain name. You can also use IP address we provided.
    • UserID: This is the UserID assigned to you by AccuWebHosting.
    • Password: This is the Password that you designated in your Hosting Controller control panel.
    • Directory: Leave this field blank.

    Establish a New Connection

  3. Click on OK.

  4. Click on the Put File button.

    Upload Files

  5. Select the file(s) you want to upload and click on Open.

  6. Make sure your file name does not have an extra extension after html such .txt or .bin.

    Set File Name

    Note: Your web pages should go up as text, and your images should go up as Raw Data.

  7. Click OK. Your file will then upload to our system.

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