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Greylisting is a powerful Anti-Spam technology used to detect if the sending server of a message is RFC compliant. 

Greylisting defends email users against spam. When you enable Greylisting, the mail server will temporarily reject any email from a sender that the server does not recognize. However, if the email is legitimate, the server that sent it will try to send the email again after a delay.


- Greylisting dramatically reduces spam

- No additional settings or changes are needed

- It is automatically turned on server-wide


- Email from new or unknown senders is delayed. This is typically 15-20 minutes. Sometimes, it takes more time, depending on the sending server settings.

- In some cases, especially if the SMTP is incorrectly configured, waiting times can be long, which is unfortunate in the case of an urgent email.

Please refer to the following steps to enable/disable Greylisting in WHM.

  1. Log in to the WHM Panel.

  2. Go to the email section and click on the greylisting.

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  1. By default, greylisting will be disabled.

  1. You can click the ON button to enable the greylisting.  


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