Which are three main types of SSL? Print

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Single Domain SSL - covers a single domain name with a "www" hostname. Ex: test.com & www.test.com

Wildcard SSL - covers a single domain name with its subdomains. Ex: test.com & *.test.com

Multi-Domain SSL - covers multiple domain names. A single domain and its www hostname count as different domains in this category. Ex: test.com, www.test.com, abc.com, etc.

SSL certificate validation level:

* Domain Validation (DV SSL) Certificates - It has the lowest level of validation. For example, CAs do not check the person's identity who runs a website.

* Organization Validated (OV SSL) Certificates - The process of identity checking is high from DV SSL. CAs verify the identity of the business that owns the domain name.

* Extended Validated (EV SSL) Certificates - You will get the highest level l of validation. CAs verify the domain organization, physical location, legal existence, ownership, etc.

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