How to Disable Scheduled tasks and Maintenance Emails in Plesk?

Plesk allows to runs scheduled tasks and also perform the daily maintenance. Plesk sends an email to the administrator each time the task completes. Some tasks can run every 15 minutes or every hour. Receiving such emails may be annoying to some users. However, you can make the changes in the settings and adjust the notification options. You can set the emails to receive only when an error occurs.

You can make these changes from the Tools & Settings menu in Plesk. 

  1. Log in to the Plesk Panel with admin credentials.  

  2. Click on the Tools & Settings >> Scheduled Tasks (Cron jobs)

  3. Click on the task you want to disable emails. 

  4. If you want to disable the notification completely, select the Do not notify option. If you want to receive errors, You can select the Errors Only option. Here, you can choose the email account other than the administrator to send the email.

  5. Click on the Apply and OK buttons. 

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